La Trinca

"A country’s cuisine is its landscape on a platter"

Josep Pla I Casadevall

This phrase is the claim to fame for Mediterranean cuisines, especially the Spanish one. And fittingly, this phrase serves as our guiding principle.


It’s a cuisine deeply rooted in what the soil yields.
Light and healthy in the mild regions, hearty in the mountainous regions. Always being authentic, never making compromises.
Offering you a wide selection of healthy and light dishes, our kitchen uses fine olive oils and Mediterranean herbs and spices as the base, adding fresh produce that keeps its natural flavour even after cooking.


Have we piqued your interest? Please come by and be our guest – and you’re most welcome to do it as

“La Trinca”,

which literally translated means “gang”. Though we’d rather have a definition of a light-hearted party.


We are looking forward to having you as our guest!