About Us

"Happiness is a surprise."

Friedrich Schiller

You only know tapas as appetizers that are usually served in tapas bars to drink? Nothing special, just Spanish finger food? You’d be surprised. Tapas are as versatile as the different cuisines of the regions. And as varied as the number of sources that tell the tale of their origin.

One source states that tapas originated in Andalusia. The reason: People there have always enjoyed eating outdoors, using a slice of bread like a small lid – Spanish: "tapa" - placed on the wine glass to protect the precious drink from annoying flies. Also serving as the "lid" were some ham, sausage or cheese. Over the years, the lid would become more varied and sophisticated.

Fancy a little exploring? Come and discover a fine array of classic and innovative tapas and more delicious Mediterranean dishes. Because we are convinced of the idea of “live cooking", our guests can watch the chefs in a relaxed atmosphere preparing the dishes. You also see for yourself about the freshness of the products - and since there are no kitchen walls to keep you away, we’re hoping for some creative interaction with Réne, our head chef. Always motivated to create something unique and special, he is constantly working on new interpretations of the classics of Italian cuisine. His philosophy? "Continuity in the body of work". He has always been a chef, even as a child, training under his mother and grandmother – thus, he has a lifelong enthusiasm for cooking.

One more thing: We are proud to offer you a wide selection of wines and brandies from different regions of Spain.